Association for Modelling and Forecasting Economies in Transition


AMFET – Association for Modelling and Forecasting Economies in Transition is an international association of economists, forecasters and modellers for  economic research on the transformation processes of the economies in transition from a centrally planned to a market economic system.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of research on issues of the transformation process and economic aspects of development of transition economies. Unfortunately, with the advent of transition it became evident that financing of economic research worsened immediately. Unavoidable structural changes in this situation worsened liaison between economic centres to the detriment of exchanging ideas, experience, and scientific discussions on issues of transition. Creating a forum to exchange ideas and economic research seems to be very important. One of the results of that demand was the establishment of the AMFET association. The aim of the Association is to promote the exchange of economic knowledge, to advance scientific understanding of transition and to stimulate the creating of networks. It is intended to bring academics with particular reference to transition and accession issues.

The idea of founding such an association stems from discussions of Ptofessor Wladyslaw Welfe (University of Lodz, Poland), Professor Bert Hickman (Stanford University, USA), Professor Stefan Schleicher (University of Graz, Austria), and many others. The participants found unanimously that as more and more countries embarked on the transition process from a centrally planned to e market economy, the importance of this process and its specifics call for a special organization devoted to the analysis and modelling of the economies in transition, and forecasting their economic development.

The Association has its seat in Lodz, Poland. Professor Wladyslaw Welfe was elected the first President of AMFET. The President for the term 2011-2013 is dr hab. Ryszard Doman, Associate Professor UAM (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland).